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My Projects


Besides working as a dog walker, writer, and spending time with all of you online and around the country, I have two other projects going that I really love:

Notes From a Dog Walker

I’ve been writing about my dog-filled life on my blog, Notes from a Dog Walker, since 2011. I’m still a dog walker and I’m still writing about it! This is where you can find me blogging most of the time and if you’ve ever met a dog, you might like to read it:


DINOS: Dogs In Need of Space

I started a mini-movement to educate the world about how to be respectful, responsible, and compassionate when it comes to dogs. And along the way, I’ve built a website filled with resources and support for anyone that lives or works with DINOS. You can also join Team DINOS over on Facebook. 



If you already know and dig my stuff over on my blog and on DINOS, you should sign up for my newsletter here. Starting later this year, I’ll be sending out monthly notes and news that will cover all the things I love, including the projects above and the new stuff related to Compassion Fatigue. Don’t miss it!