Building Badassery Boundaries!

A 5 Day Challenge for Caregivers + Changemakers

Are you ready to feel more confident and compassionate saying no to last minute calls from clients and non-stop requests to help animals in need? I’m hosting a FREE 5 day boundary-building party for people who care for animals that will help you create healthy limits. You’ll finally be able take care of yourself (without all the guilt) and feel good while you do good!

When: June 18th – 22nd, 2018

Daily instructions will be delivered straight to you via email, with loads of support from me and the community in the Compassionate Badassery Collective on Facebook. 

Here's what you'll Learn In this community challenge:

  • Figure out what boundaries look like when you're a compassionate person who cares deeply about helping animals. Hint: it's not just about saying no.
  • Understand why upholding your boundaries is CRITICAL if you want to keep making an ethical, sustainable impact for animals in need.
  • Get clear on your values, so that you can stick to your boundaries during tough conversations.
  • Create a script that will help you set limits more easily with your dog training clients, customers at the shelter and vet clinic, and all the folks who are constantly emailing asking for your help!
  • Learn coping skills to help you stay calm when people push back on your boundaries and when you feel guilty about not being able to help.
  • Treat yourself to a big self-care YES that will refill your cup, so you can keep helping others AND be well at the same time!

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