The Compassionate Badassery Lab

A monthly membership community for folks who work and volunteer with animals. 

Self-care made simple. 

Come play with us in The Lab!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have a hard taking care of yourself AND the animals. You’re struggling to do both at the same time, even though you know you should.
  • You know how to take care of yourself, but you rarely make time to do it. It’s just never the priority. 
  • Making a difference for animals matters deeply to you, but you also have other interests and you miss exploring them.
  • It’s frustrating trying to justify your self-care to others who don’t get it and you’re tired of doing this alone…
  • You want camaraderie and support from folks with big hearts and a sense of humor!

we want you to join us!

We all need ongoing support and a toolbox full of skills to care for ourselves, so that we can keep caring for others. So it’s time for us to go beyond a single webinar or 8 week class. Let’s learn and practice together all year long!

You deserve more support as you try to meet the demands of life as a helping professional in the time of COVID-19 (and beyond).

We would love for you to practice compassionate badassery with us!

Every month, with a new theme, we’ll come together to learn how to make courageous, compassionate choices to help us feel more energized and joyful as we keep working to make the world a better place for animals and people. 

You’ll have the support and resources you need, so that you can embrace the messiness of being a human at work and at home. 

New members can join us twice a year. Doors are currently open until June 1st. 

Every month You'll Get:

  • Live Webinar with Jessica on topics like boundaries, self-care, and compassion fatigue
  • Curated Resource Collection to help you keep learning
  • Worksheet with writing prompts and action steps
  • Discussion Boards (not on Facebook!) for connection, support, and accountability

Plus, Every Quarter You'll Get:

  • Q+A with a variety of Guest Experts
  • Live Happy Hour on Zoom (we'll hang out over tea or tequila - your choice!)
  • Art-based Projects and Challenges to keep us playing

By Joining Us You'll:

  • Finally have the structure and support you need, so that you can make consistent, sustained changes over time.
  • Be a part of a caring community, so that you can keep connected, learning, and laughing, even when times are challenging (or you're in physical isolation).
  • New skills and tools to help you navigate compassion fatigue and stress, so that you can enjoy the meaningful work you do!

Ready to Join us?

Monthly Founding Member Offer

$ 19
  • Give it a try!

Annual Founder Member Offer

$ 199
  • Get Two Months FREE!


You’re helping animals (or people or the planet). I’m here to help you.

As a compassion fatigue educator, my mission is to help you make an impact for others AND have the time and energy to take care of your own needs, so you can enjoy your life!

I’m obsessed with turning complex ideas into practical tools that you can use right away to address the stress of being a helper. 

I’ve worked with thousands of animal care and welfare professionals through one-on-one coaching, online classes, and my signature year-long training for animal welfare organizations called The Compassion in Balance Program. I want to be in your corner too! You can learn more about me here.

What it's like to learn with me:

This Community is for you if...

  • You know you need to take care of yourself, but you struggle to make time for yourself consistently.
  • You want support and accountability to help you make healthy changes.
  • You want to be around other people who value animals and understand the challenges of the work you do.
  • You have compassion for people (not just animals).

This Community is not for you if...

  • You are suffering from untreated clinical depression, an anxiety disorder, or are having suicidal thoughts. This class is NOT a substitution for professional mental health care.
  • You only want 1-on-1 personal support and accountability tailored specifically to your circumstances.
  • You want a simple, quick fix.
  • You firmly believe that people suck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign up? The membership community is designed to support helping professionals – specifically people who work with animals, such as veterinarians and vet techs, dog trainers, animal shelter and rescue workers, animal protection officers, foster families. But…

Can I join if I don’t work with animals? Maybe! Email Jessica at and we can figure out if this is the right community for you.

What do I need to take this class? A computer and the internet. Also, a sense of humor. 

What if I don’t have compassion fatigue or that isn’t an issue for me? Compassion fatigue is just one piece of what we’re focused on here. There’s so much more we’ll be exploring!

How will the class be delivered? The class materials are hosted in an online classroom called Kajabi and the live calls are on Zoom.

When can I enroll? The founding member rate is available until June 1st. After that doors close until late fall. You can add your name to the wait list if you would like to be notified that enrollment has re-opened. 

Do I have to be there at certain times? Not really. There will be a live webinar once a month on a Thursday at 8pm EST. The webinar and any other live events will be recorded so you can watch anytime. 

Do you offer refunds or a guarantee?
No, I do not offer refunds. I offer a fun and challenging learning experience, but I do not guarantee specific results, as participants will come to this course in all different phases of life, types of businesses, and varying levels of self-awareness. You are responsible for integrating and implementing the course materials in whatever way works best for you at this time.

Is there a group rate? No, but if you’re interested in a training for your staff, The Compassion in Balance Program is for you!

Will my credit card be charged monthly? Can I cancel my membership? Yes, your card will be charged monthly or annually, depending on which option you choose.  You can cancel anytime and you won’t be charged the next billing cycle.  

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