Our Experience of Compassion Fatigue and Stress is Complex and Highly Personal.

This means there is no guaranteed easy solution (Oh, how I wish that a week of green smoothies was the cure-all!).

But there are proven approaches, resources, and tools that can help you understand how your work impacts you and help you build resilience, so that you can thrive in the challenging work you do. 

Choose between my comprehensive online program for your animal welfare organization OR online classes and coaching for individuals.

The Compassion in Balance Program is a year-long, online resilience-building educational program created specifically for animal welfare organizations.
Through a unique blend of self-care and organizational-care practices, this program can help your whole crew navigate compassion fatigue and stress.

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If you’re looking for compassionate 1-on-1 support and mentoring to help you sort out self-care, boundaries, and other work related challenges, coaching intensives can help!

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If you’re looking for help navigating compassion fatigue, building boundaries, or living with a reactive dog, I’ve got a class for that. 

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“I have been working in the animal world for 15 years, the last 8 as a vet tech, and more and more I was feeling bogged down and suffocating with no way of getting out from under it. This class helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed or could be helped. It really made me aware of my body and what it was trying to tell me and how to deal with the emotions and feelings in a constructive way.” – Samantha, Head Vet Technician


“Jessica is an energetic and engaging speaker. I appreciate the levels of discussion moving from theoretical into ultra-practical and easy to remember. Even now I feel a bit less stressed, a bit more focused, a bit more capable.” – Megan, Dept. of Agriculture