In 2018 you can catch me in-person presenting at the following conferences that are open to the public:

April 22, 2018: IAABC Animal Behavior Conference in Boston

May 4, 2018: Maine Federation of Humane Societies in Orono

May 17, 2018: HSUS Expo in Kansas City

October 19, 2018: Maine Federation of Humane Societies in Portland

April 2009: HSUS in New Orleans

I’m an engaging and energizing speaker who slays audiences with presentations on how to thrive in trauma-exposed professions. I can customize a program to meet the needs of the organizers, but here’s a glance at the topics I speak about:

  • How To Practice Compassionate Badassery
  • No Mud No Lotus: Being The Hero in Your Own Life
  • Pump the Brakes: What to Do When You’re Spinning Out on Stress
  • Transforming Compassion Fatigue into Compassion Resilience

The Caregivers Journal Workshop (Writing for Resilience) 

One Hour Workshop

How do we process the intense stressors of caregiving work and build resilience in the process? Writing is practical, low-barrier tool that can help caregivers cope not just with harm, but with a diverse array of job-related stressors and emotional upheavals. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to enhance caregiver resilience by introducing a simple, effective coping tool. This workshop uses the Caregiver’s Journal developed through a pilot program for nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Staff are taught why and how to practice expressive writing to respond to on-the-job stressors and will take a stress evaluation. Staff participate in discussions and writing exercises. Each workshop participant will receive their own personal journal which contains exercises that help them reflect on, and write about, work-related stress and personal issues that can affect their lives. This session lasts for one hour.


Compassion in Balance Workshop:
Practices to Support Animal Caregivers in High Stress, Trauma Exposed Work

Full Day Workshop (6 hours)

Compassion Fatigue is the natural consequence of stress resulting from caring for and helping traumatized or suffering people or animals. It’s an occupational hazard for professionals and volunteers, but there are proven strategies to help us address this unique stress. This workshop will give you and your staff the tools to succeed in this challenging work.

Compassion in Balance identifies what compassion fatigue is, its symptoms, and contributing factors. We examine stress management and self care, including practical on-the-job techniques.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice stress management techniques, take a self assessment, and connect with the positive aspects of their work. 

Compassion in Balance Workshop details can be found here.

Please note: I offer a very limited number of in-person workshops in the northern New England area. If you’re more than 2 hours outside of Portland, Maine, we can get together for a live, private group webinar!


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Organizations that I’ve presented workshops and webinars for include:



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