Transforming compassion fatigue is absolutely possible for you and your staff. 

Hi! I’m Jessica Dolce and I’m an educator on a mission to help animal care & welfare professionals reduce compassion-related stress and build resilience, so they can feel awesome while they make an impact.

You don’t need a magic formula to thrive while you do meaningful work. You need simple tools and ongoing support as you practice new skills.

I’ve helped hundreds of people build more resilient and sustainable careers. It IS possible to restore yourself, create healthy boundaries, and reconnect with the joys of sharing your life with animals.

I believe that self-care and service inherently belong together.

Taking care of yourself (and your team) is the foundation of doing sustainable, effective, and ethical caregiving work. But most of us never learned how to care for ourselves effectively. I can help you figure it out.

Through my online programs for organizations and individuals, we’ll work together to create a flexible balance of compassionately giving to others and doing the same for yourself, so that you can thrive in the challenging work you do. 

My approach is research-based, filled with laughter, encouraging, and practical. I love being in your corner. I’ll teach you and your team how to practice compassionate badassery, so that you can stay connected to your hopes and values, do the meaningful work you love, and feel good while you do it! Ready for some help? Let’s do this.

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