Transforming empathic distress (otherwise known as compassion fatigue) is absolutely possible for you and your staff. 

Today’s animal care & welfare professionals are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for animals, people, and the organizations that heal, connect, and protect them. If that’s you, it’s easy to feel like nothing you do is ever good enough. The work feels never-ending. Taking care of your own needs might seem impossible.

It’s true – the work has become more complex. But you don’t need a magic formula to be well while you do meaningful work. You do need tools and ongoing support while you practice new, life-changing skills.

Hiya, I’m Jessica.

I’m here to help you, while you help others. I’m an educator & coach. Together we’ll reduce work-related stress and build resilience, so you can make an impact AND be well while you do it.

I believe that self-care, community-care, and service inherently belong together.

But that’s easier said than done. Most of us never learned how to effectively take care of ourselves or our staff in high stress, emotionally-charged work. Not to mention…

Our experience of empathic stress and distress is complex and highly personal.


This means there is no guaranteed easy solution (green smoothies and a self-care pep talk aren’t going to do it). But there are proven approaches, resources, and tools that can help.

That’s where I come in. I’ve helped thousands of people create more sustainable, satisfying careers. 

My approach is research-based, filled with laughter, encouraging, and practical.

I'll teach you and your team how to practice compassionate badassery, so that you can do the meaningful work you love and feel good while you do it!

Ready for some help? Let's do this...

Looking for connection, resources, and support? My membership community, The Compassionate Badassery Lab, offers monthly workshops, group self-care sessions, and so much more! Doors are always open. Come practice compassionate badassery with us!

You know you need a plan to manage compassion fatigue for your organization. How do we support our teams when they’re stressed out? What coping skills do we all need to thrive in our challenging work? Get the answers and support you need in The Compassion in Balance Program.

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Let’s work together, so you can feel good while you do good! Through one-on-one coaching you’ll learn how to lower your stress and address your inner critic, so that you can have a more joyful, focused, and energized life. Book a free coaching call with me today!

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