The next session of CFS begins SEPTEMBER 24th 2018!

I’ve teamed up with the University of Florida’s Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program to create Compassion Fatigue Strategies a four module, online, self-paced class for people who work with animals.

Compassion Fatigue Strategies is similar to my other classes in content, but different in structure. First, it’s totally self-paced. Think: On Demand. You’ll have access to all of the class materials on day one and then you can do the work at your own speed. We also get together for 4 live calls to practice stress reduction and mindfulness techniques and we talk in the discussion boards.

This new class offers you the chance to earn 15 continuing education class hours, which Compassion in Balance does not. You can view course details and a sample pace chart here. 


UFL Compassion Fatigue Class

To learn more about the UFL class, check out this article.


SR testimonial UFL


Here’s what one CFS alum shared on Facebook about her experience with the course in 2016:

“I just finished this course. It was very eye opening and worth every cent. I highly recommend it to anyone in the animal welfare industry.”


Still not sure about taking this class? Here’s another alum’s perspective:

“I’m not the kind of person to readily discuss my feelings. I’m the kind of person who loves my job and wants to get my work done and do it well. I’ve gotten to the point in my career that I know this is an industry where I could work myself past the point of no return, whether that be burning out or leaving animal welfare entirely. But I came to this work because I love it. I just needed to figure out how to do it sustainably.

Jessica Dolce’s CFS class was recommended to me by a friend in the field and has been a great source of information, discussion, and the feeling you get when you realize you’re not alone. The work we do is insurmountable. It’s never ending. Sometimes it’s thankless. Sometimes it’s hard to remember why we started doing it in the first place. This course is approachable and self-paced. I am a terrible procrastinator, but I got it done and I’m glad I did.”

– Shelter Medicine Veterinary Assistant, CFS alum


To enroll, please visit the UFL website.