Compassion Fatigue is the natural consequence of stress resulting from caring for and helping traumatized or suffering people or animals. It’s an occupational hazard for people who work or volunteer helping others, but there are proven strategies to help us address this unique stress.

I wanted to make sure everyone has access to these strategies no matter where they live and on any budget. That’s why I made this:

 compassion fatigue webinar groups

Live Private Webinars for Groups

My Compassion Fatigue 101 Webinar is specifically designed to support people who work or volunteer with animals.

This introductory look at understanding and managing compassion fatigue in animal welfare work will help you to:

  • Define compassion fatigue (CF), burnout, and compassion satisfaction
  • Identify individual symptoms of CF in yourself and others
  • Understand the various factors that contribute to compassion fatigue
  • Become familiar with strategies to help you manage compassion fatigue such as: stress management, self care practices, and creating effective wellness goals
  • Tips to help management and staff collaborate to create a healthier workplace.

My live webinars are available for groups such as: animal shelters, rescues, pet owner support groups, dog training clubs, and animal care business. Organizations can book a live, private webinar for their group, which allows for multiple logins.

The Compassion Fatigue 101 webinar lasts a total of 90 minutes. The presentation itself lasts more than an hour with plenty of time available for questions.

Those attending the live webinar can communicate with me and ask questions via a live chat box. You’ll get to see my smiling face in a live video feed, along with the slideshow I’ll be sharing.

You’ll also receive access to multiple PDF documents that will help you and your organization assess your current levels of compassion fatigue, evaluate your current self-care practices, and help you set achievable goals after the webinar is over.

For group members who can’t make the live webinar, a recording will be made available 24 hours later and may be accessed for a one year period. That means you can use the webinar as a training tool for all of your employees – including future new hires – for a full year.

Price: $295 USD

If you would like to book a private, live webinar please contact me.

Groups I’ve presented workshops and webinars for include:

“Best webinar I have ever experienced—great content, great presenter (which isn’t easy electronically), and great opportunities to practice. That writing tool is a natural for me!” – Sustainable Activism webinar attendee

“Just wanted to let you know how much staff enjoyed the webinars. The feedback received was quite raving! They said that you were engaging, very relate-able and provided some helpful and simple tips on taking care of ourselves.” –  2017 CF 101 webinar attendee

“The presenter Jessica Dolce was remarkable – holding an audience through a webinar…is incredibly difficult and she did it with perceived ease. Definitely credible, high level of knowledge and easy to relate to.” – 2018 CF 101 webinar attendee

FAQS about Webinars

How does a group webinar work? What’s the best set-up?

To watch as a group, you can use a projector to broadcast the webinar from one computer onto a projection screen. You’ll be able to hear me through your computer’s speakers. You may wish to use external speakers so everyone can hear me clearly. One person might like to be in charge of typing questions from the group into the chat box.

A single computer can gain access to the webinar as well, so anyone can participate from their home or office at the time of the event by watching on their computer screen and listening to my voice through the computer speakers. Individuals can type in their questions via the chat box.

Those that can’t attend the live event will be able to access a recording via their computers.

Can I share the webinar and recording with other organizations in my area?

Enrollment in this classroom and access to the webinar recording is granted solely to the organization which purchased the webinar, not to organizations and businesses in a general location.

Do I need special software or equipment to participate in a webinar?

No. But you do have to register with Ruzuku, the platform where the webinars are hosted. You will be able to watch and listen to the webinar through your computer. You do not need additional equipment. It’s really easy. Promise.

I’m looking for something more in-depth. What do you offer?

I offer a one year online program for animal shelters that combines, webinars, team trainings, self-study modules for staff, live office hours and much more. Learn about The Compassion in Balance Program here. 

Can I receive continuing education credit for a webinar?

Not for the webinar, however there is a CE option available through U of FL (more details here).

Can I receive a certificate of participation for your webinars?

Certificates of participation are not available at this time, but can be arranged if required by an employer.

Do you offer refunds or a guarantee?

No, I do not offer refunds. I offer a fun, supportive, and informative learning experience, but I do not guarantee specific results, as participants will come to these webinars in all different phases of life, types of businesses, and varying levels of self-awareness. You are responsible for integrating and implementing the webinar materials in whatever way works best for you and your organization at this time.

Who teaches this webinar?

I’m Jessica Dolce, a certified compassion fatigue educator and coach, creator of DINOS, and dog walker. I’ve spent my entire career caring for companion animals as a dog walker, animal shelter volunteer and employee, and animal welfare advocate.

And I’ve experienced compassion fatigue and burnout firsthand! I built this webinar because I want to make sure others have access to the tools and information that I wish I’d known about. If you’re working to make the world a better place for animals then you’re my heroes and I want to support you. That’s why these webinars exists! You can learn more about me here.

If you have any further questions, please contact me: